Fast Facts

Fast Facts About POI

Things to know about primary ovarian insufficiency:

  • POI is a hormonal deficiency.
  • POI is not menopause, rather it is a fluctuation of fertility and ovarian hormone cycles.
  • There are POI treatments available that have been proven to be safe and effective to relieve symptoms and restore health.
  • In about 10 percent of cases, the cause of POI can be determined by special testing; however, in most cases, the cause of POI remains a mystery.
  • There are steps women can take to optimize the chance of pregnancy when diagnosed with POI.
  • A percentage of women with POI do get pregnant with their own eggs and have a healthy baby.
Menstrual and Ovarian Health

Follow the Evidence

POI Fast Facts

POI is a hormonal deficiency. It is not menopause.

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Know Your Numbers

Understanding POI begins with understanding ovarian hormones.

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The Evidence

Research can help you make evidence-based decisions.

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Think Again

Educate and advocate. Your doctor may not be an expert.

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